Investment Intelligence

Track emerging industry momentum and predict the next investment opportunities. Spot the promising startups, understand their value and identify the best companies before others.
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Uncover actionable insights and trends hidden within the investment & funding activities of 100,000+ companies. InrayTek give you a well-rounded perspective of the fast-changing venture landscape.

Better & Smarter Your Investment Decisions

Real-time & Comprehensive Intelligence
Stay On Top Of Industry Trends
Track all funding and business activities from over 10 thousand AIOT startups. Sense the market movement to see which industries are growing and where to capitalize.
  • Track the latest investment & funding activities
  • Uncover investment landscape & hot topics
  • Predict emerging investment trends & market shifts
Discover Blue Ocean Investment Opportunities
Capture Opportunities Before Others
See where VC/PE firms are finding success with insight into their portfolios and returns. Identify sectors poised for growth & best markets for expansions.
  • Explore high-value investment topics
  • Analyze VCs’ investment portfolio and deal financing events
  • Evaluate and fine-tune the investment decisions
AI-Powered Deal Sourcing
Identify The Best Startups
Discover the promising startups with ease. InrayTek Startup Radar automatically sources lists of companies that match your investment focus.
  • AI recommends the companies of the future
  • Discover companies that are a strategic fit with customized deal sourcing model
360-degree Assessment & Risk Early-warning
Make Faster And Better-informed Decisions
Evaluate the value and the competitiveness of your targets. Uncover critical deal details & gain evidence-based insights for better decision.
  • Assess the future growth potential of your portfolios
  • Benchmark the portfolio companies
  • Predict the market & operational risk of your investment

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