Product Intelligence

Monitor product offerings & market movements. Foresee the customer demand shifts, Identify disruptive innovations, and develop the market-winning products.
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Use AI to bring you the intelligence and insights on customers, products, markets and competitions. Identify the product opportunity, and create compelling products align with customer needs.

Build And Launch Market-winning Products

Product Scanning & Technology Scouting
Keep Tabs On Competitors’ Product Offerings
Use AI to track & analyze competitors’ products, technologies and market activities. Understand competitors’ product strategy and identify their targeting market demands.
  • Monitor the latest industry developments, product launches, and corporate activities
  • Get thorough, big-data based & real-time product landscape
  • Gain clarity on the fast-growing market demands in each product category
Trend Radar & Product Ideation
Foresee The Next Killer Products
Spot the most promising solutions that will hit the markets in advance. Match your new product with customer needs and expectations.
  • Keep up with the changes and trends of market demands
  • Foresee the emerging market solutions & disruptive applications of technologies
  • Track & analyze key players’ product development roadmaps & innovation pipelines
360-degree Product Assessment
Predict The Risks Before Product Launch
Get Insights on your product competitiveness & attractiveness in target markets. Identify potential future threats before mass production.
  • Quantify & Track your product attractiveness
  • Benchmark your offerings with competing products
  • Identify the strengths & weakness of your product

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