Opportunity Intelligence

Use AI to scan, monitor and analyze your business environment. Get comprehensive insight to see opportunities in uncertainty & prioritize your target segments for growth.
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InrayTek searches, analyzes and visualizes the huge amount of data, bringing you an up-to-date view of market landscape, technological changes, future risks and disruptions.

Get Clarity And Act On Market Opportunities

Real-time & Big Data-based Market Insights
Stay Updated On Your Market
Track and measure all the important activities from 100,000+ AIOT companies. Keep a pulse on the market movement to see which industries are growing and where to capitalize.
  • Uncover the latest market landscape
  • Identify key players In the fast-growing technology and the product segments
  • Analyze the value chains & ecosystems
Market Tread & Future Scenario Forecasting
Foresee Where The Market Is Heading
Stay on top of emerging trends and market dynamics. Predict the upcoming technologies, breakthrough product concepts and Innovative business models.
  • Track the industry movement and project potential market opportunities
  • Spot the disruptive technologies, new products and innovative applications
  • Analyze key players’ strategic movements & predict their next steps
Opportunity Assessment & White Space Identification
Capture The Opportunities Before Others
Identify viable high growth opportunities that you can act and capitalize on. Evaluate and prioritize opportunities based on your core capabilities & business’s objectives.
  • Use AI to identify greenfield markets best-fit with your products & technologies
  • Assess market attractiveness with quantified indexes
  • Customize the market intelligence based on business’s focuses

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