Sales Intelligence

Find your best markets & Identify ideal prospects based on real-time intelligence.
Engage with relevance to win bigger, faster, and more often.
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Bring the power of AI to automated prospecting and account research. Free your sales team to do what they do best – close deals. Enable your sales team to be more effective & productive.

Accelerate Sales & Increase Revenue

Data-driven Sales Territory Mapping
Use AI To Discover Beachhead Markets
Better understand your sales territory and find the best-fit markets. Expand your total addressable market through intelligent company data.
  • Map your sales territories quickly & equitably
  • Identify beachhead markets through 60+ customized targeting criteria
  • See white space opportunities before others
AI-powered Account Searching & Scoring
Identify & Target The Best-fit Accounts
Characterize your ideal customer profile and uncover new accounts similar to your best customers. Prioritize your accounts based on 100+ scoring index.
  • Use AI to find ideal prospects over millions of company records
  • Find more high-value companies most likely to buy
  • Build lists of prospects that have reached certain sales criteria
Real-Time Account Monitoring & Intelligence
Engage At The Right Time With The Right Message
Monitor your prospects and their competitors. Get the premium business insight and strategically target the right accounts. Address their unique needs to sell smarter & close faster.
  • Get a 360-degree view of key prospects and discover their most-pressing challenges
  • Identify sales triggers that signal readiness to engage
  • Reach out with solutions tailored to your target accounts

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